Dmytri Gouba, Designer

Porsche Spring Sports Car

Experience & Visual Design + Interaction Design


The feeling that there is not a place at all. It's a feeling. And there's only one way to get it. With every turn of the wheel, and every press of the pedal, the simple truth becomes more apparent:

Only a sports car takes you there.


Dmytri Gouba, Interaction Designer

Max Morein, User Experience Designer

Andrei Slobtsov, UI Designer

John Doessel, Copywriter

Rick Standley, Creative Director

Lori Talley, Executive Producer

Uprising Creative, Web Development

UI Design

Annotations presented to the development team was created with detailed descriptions of desired effects, along with motion prototypes of movement and interactive elements for desktop and mobile layouts.

Note: All video footage was created by Art Director/Copywriter creative team.