Dmytri Gouba, Designer

Institute of Design

End of Year Show 2020 Branding


At ID design reflects and transforms a continually changing world.

A dialogue with self, team, work, and systems is critical in shaping us as the next generation of designers. With more nuanced, more inclusive perspectives, we are rethinking and challenging what is possible. This year we created our first ever online student work showcase for the 2020 year.


Dmytri Gouba, Visual Design

TongTong, Visual Design

Martin Thaler, Creative Direction

Tomoko Ichikawa, Creative Direction

Kristin Gecan, Writer, Media

Veronica Paz Soldan, Writer

Catherine Wieczorek, Content

Justin Bartkus, Writer, Media

Julia Rochlin, Media

Institute of Design Student Showcase 2020

Reflection is defined as serious thought or consideration; the image of something on any reflective surface. By observing reflections, we can reflect the values of the world and come into insights.